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Health Checkup

The health of you and your loved ones is the single most precious commodity in life. To protect this, and to prevent the onset of disease and illness, it is important that you build the foundation of a strong protective wall. With Apollo Clinic’s health packages, you can now have the defensive system that will help secure your health.

The main aim of our health check-up packages is to help you detect and tackle diseases before they become untreatable. Our comprehensive health check-up is ideal for people who have high-stress lifestyles, extended work hours, irregular food habits or a predisposition to certain diseases.

Complete Hemogram

Liver Function Tests (LFT)

Blood Group

Thyroid ‐Stimulating Hormone

Blood Sugar




S.Uric Acid

Body Fat Composition Analysis

Lipid Profile

Urine Analysis

ECG (ElectrocarDiogram)

Chest X‐Ray

Dental Check Up

PSA(for Men)

Eye Check Up

PAP Smear(for Women)

Health and Lifestyle Counseling

Mammography (for Women)

Stress Echo

USG Whole Abdomen pelvis