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What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is the mechanism of medical/health treatment followed by travel plan to different places. Generally people visit to other country for the cost effective better treatments and explore some part of the country at glance.
India is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations across the world. A large pool of people comes to India for their treatments. India offers the cost effective medical treatments in the world class hospitals. India has a huge number of highly skilled, qualified doctors who have been working in the sectors since long. They have very sound understanding about the subject matter. Patients are happy being treated here at a very affordable cost.
It depends on the nature of treatments. But, India offers the most cost effective treatment in the world. The patients generally save 50-60% on their medical expenses including all the cost.
Please be assured that India does not compromise any standard in medical treatments. It has huge pool of very highly skillful doctors, world class hospitals with state of the art technology. India is growing very fast economically. The pharmaceutical companies are producing low cost drag and medicine which are as per the world standard. The private sector is investing heavily in the healthcare sector. These factors lead India offers a cost effective medical services.